Sunday, August 9, 2015

Read Your Way Around Nova Scotia - 2015 edition part 2

Summertime at The Reader always comes with a peek at some of the novels that have been set within our beautiful shores. Enjoy once again a fictional tour of our province.

Progeny by Jessica MacIntyre

Part of the Vampires of Soldier's Cove series.  "As Ryan grows, Rachel and Gavin search for an answer as to his future. Their quest comes at a dangerous price, and a consequence that will change the dynamic of the entire clan.."

Punishment by Linden MacIntyre

A retired Corrections Officer Tony Breau returns to Nova Scotia to be confronted by fresh tragedy from people from his past. A former inmate has implicate in the death of the granddaughter of Tony's former girlfriend. Tony is drawn into their struggle and the cry for justice that comes from the entire community.

Song of Springhill by Cheryl McKay

This is a love story set in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Hannah Wright returns to Springhill, the home of the father she never knew, who was killed in the mine before she was born. She is rapidly welcomed by her new family and discovers how much they would come to need her when another tragedy strikes.

This Thin House by Nancy J. MacLean

Annie Terrell left her Cape Breton home with the intention to never return. She gave her family home to a relative and cut her ties. Now in her fifties, widowed, she re-inherits the house when the relative dies. With hopes of selling the house to improve her financial situation, she returns to Cape Breton and a new life.

Ties that Bind by L.P. Suzanne  Atkinson

Spanning six decades, Ties that Bind tells the life story of university professor Norah Clarke and how she lived through the cultural changes during her lifetime and made the choices and decisions that affected the person she would ultimately become.

Tinker and Blue by Frank MacDonald

Friends Tinker and Blue leave their home in Cape Breton to explore the world and new horizons in this witty and fast paced novel, which finds the friends on a road trip to see those hippies in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco.

The Value of the Land by D.C. Troicuk

Dixon Peach is drawn back to the family farm in Cape Breton with the promise from his grandfather that he will finance his golf course development project. He returns to land that has been destroyed and must also put to rights old relationships that he abandoned years before.

When the Saints by Sarah Mian
This novel is  set in rural Nova Scotia and features a woman who returns to her childhood home to face the violence and addiction that dismantled her family. When the Saints features characters with authentic voices who, despite having lived through trauma, are brave enough to face the past in order to achieve redemption.

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