Saturday, August 8, 2015

Read Your Way Around Nova Scotia - 2015 edition part 1

Summertime at The Reader always comes with a peek at some of the novels that have been set within our beautiful shores. Enjoy once again a fictional tour of our province.

Awake at a Wake ... and other stories from the Margarees by David Muise

Two elderly bachelor brothers make a dubious living involving moonshine, deer jacking and harvesting Crown lands in the Margaree Valley. Stories of small town life - funny, charming and delightful - Jim and Farquhar McInnis will surely entertain.

The Bag of Money by Art Burton

Normally upstanding citizen John Lester stumbles upon a hockey bag filled with money and instantly faces a moral dilemma.  Faced with this temptation, Lester makes decisions that will ultimately affect the rest of his life.

The Blue Tattoo by Steven Laffoley

1917. Halifax Explosion. Elizabeth Beckett, medical school student and suffragette, and Danny, who leaves Halifax for a better life in Boston, are drawn together, but find they are too different to sustain a relationship. The Halifax Explosion propels their lives to intersect once more.

The Drop Zone by Bob Kroll

Halifax Detective T.J. Peterson investigates a brutal murders of a woman and a Catholic priest who is bludgeoned by a religious artifact in his own church. Complicating this investigation are Peterson's own personal demons involving alcohol and his estranged daughter. Peterson is drawn into the dark world of underaged prostitution and human trafficking when he encounters a witness, a disturbed teenager.

The House on Burnt Hill by Kathleen Tudor

We first meet Kate Williams in Dirty Deeds in which she investigates corrupt practices at the real estate company which employs her in Lockport. Now in The House on Burnt Hill, Kate investigates two murders as she seeks out her estranged mother.

Just Beneath My Skin by Darren Greer

Jake MacNeil returns to North River to try and make things right with the son he left in the care of his abusive mother. Returning to North River comes at cost and MacNeil must face the violent and destructive past he thought was behind him.

Laura's Story by Julie Larade

A courageous Acadian woman overcomes life's obstacles and struggles in Nova Scotia in the 1930s and beyond. This story of personal growth is set in Cheticamp.

Phoebe's Way by Pamela Ditchoff

Dog lovers will appreciate this tender story of a therapy dog who visits a seniors' manor and brings delight to the lives of its residents. Phoebe has a knack of drawing out the individuals whose ability to relate to other people has been diminished by age and dementia.

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