Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Memoriam - Allan Folsom

Novelist Allan Folsom has passed away at the age of 72.

Folsom, who spent most of his working life as a screenwriter, successfully published his first novel The Day After Tomorrow relatively late in life in 1994. As first novels go it was incredibly successful earning him an unheard of $2 million advance.

The Day After Tomorrow is a complex political thriller - both fast-paced and gritty. Paul Osborn, an American surgeon in Paris, spots the man he believes to have killed his father and attempts to kill him. Meanwhile a homicide detective in London is investigating a number of decapitations, the corpses found frozen. Osborn learns that his father had invented a scalpel which could be used at absolute zero bringing these two previously unlinked crimes together. "This is a one-sitting novel and readers will have to choose: a full, sun-burning day at the beach or, for those who can't wait, a springtime all-nighter." Publishers' Weekly.

Folsom's final novel was The Hadrian Memorandum and was working on a 6th novel at the time of his death. "Nicholas Marten has come face to face with the world’s most dangerous men---secret global alliances that go back centuries and involve those at the highest ranks of political power and economic influence. Marten is a man on the run, constantly in fear of his life. He knows too much. He has no one to trust, except the one man who may be his only true friend . . . the President of the United States, John Henry Harris. Now Marten finds himself pitted against the most wealthy and ruthless Texas oil barons and their blood-thirsty mercenaries. And what he witnesses puts him in the crosshairs of a massive conspiracy. At stake is an ocean of oil. Its cost could be thousands of human lives. Its cause, a top secret agreement known as The Hadrian Memorandum." publisher

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