Sunday, July 29, 2012

Profile - Canadian Crime Solver Meg Harris

Canadian mystery author R.J. Harlick first introduced the crime solving Meg Harris character in 2004's Death's Golden Whisper (M)

Here is the series description from the author's website: 

This compelling series is set in the wilds of West Quebec, where trees out number people a million to one and lakes a thousand to one. Meg Harris fled the big city and a failed marriage to heal her bruised soul on the idyllic shores of Echo Lake, where her struggles to establish a new life are helped by her new friends in the Migiskin Reserve. But as the seasons change, her sought after peace is interrupted by injustice and murder. Unable to ignore it, she invariably becomes enmeshed in a quagmire of murderous intrigue and is racing to find the real killer before it’s too late.

And here is Harlick's description of Meg:

When Meg isn’t roaming through the surrounding forests or paddling her wooden canoe over the black waters of Echo Lake, she can be found in the sprawling verandah of her century-old cottage. She sits in her great-aunt’s bentwood rocker, placed to capture a clear view of the lake, the distant tree-covered hills and the lake’s pine-fringed island known as Whisper Island. Here she finds the peace she so desperately sought, that is, until the gods conspire to shatter it.

The fifth and latest book in the series is A Green Place for Dying (M):

“Meg Harris returns to Three Deer Point after her trip to the Arctic only to discover that the daughter of a friend has been missing from the Migiskan Reserve for over two months. Treating her as a runaway, the police refuse to do little more than a nominal search and continue to stall even when the girl's friend turns up murdered.

As the mother struggles with her daughter's disappearance, Meg vows to do what she can to find her and in the process discovers that she isn't the only native woman who has gone missing. Fearing the worst Meg delves ever deeper and uncovers an underside of life she would rather not know existed. When the search takes an unexpected turn, Meg is forced to finally face her own demons and admit to the guilt she's been hiding since a teenager.” - publisher

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