Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poetry in HRM

As part of our Poetry Challenge we contacted HRM’s outgoing Poet Laureate, Lorri Neilsen Glenn for some ideas to share with poetry readers this month. The position of Poet Laureate in HRM was created in 2001 to create an “ambassador and advocate for literacy, literature and the arts, and [to] reflect the vitality of our community through appearances and readings of poetry..."

The Internet is a great place to find works from new and up-and-coming poets, and Lorri has kindly passed along a few sites that she highly recommends. Check them out, discover some new voices:

The Poetry Map of Canada
: a site that features information and poetry from Poet Laureates from across Canada.

Poetry Foundation: a website from “The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine,[an] independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture." Features a searchable database of poetry by author, topic, first line. As well as a daily poem in print and audio, plus lots more.

Poetry 180: created by former US Poet Laureate Billy Collins, offers a poem a day for high school students (and the approximately 180 school days in a year).

Young Poets: a Canadian site of resources and poetry for youth.

Lorri’s web page suggestions hint at something that has been important during her term as Poet Laureate: engaging youth in poetry. As a part of her term, she worked with a youth group called Wordfishing who have since put together both a CD and a chapbook of their work. Watch the library catalogue for copies. Coming soon!

If you’re looking for more poetry suggestions from the library collection - check out the legacy project To Find Us: Words and Images of Halifax of previous HRM Poet Laureate Sue MacLeod to find some more great local talent. And of course the library stocks books by both Lorri Neilsen Glenn and Sue MacLeod.

HRM will be announcing its newest Poet Laureate later this month.

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