Friday, April 24, 2009

Fiction Gone to the Dogs

A couple of recent fiction titles involving dogs have recently come to my attention.

These are funny, light hearted stories with canine protagonists. For some reason they really crack me up.

For example in the Merrill Markoe novel Nose Down, Eyes Up, when alpha dog Jimmy discovers his owner isn't his real
father, or even the same species, he demands to seek out his biological mother. Unfortunately for owner Gil, this means tracking down his nasty ex-girlfriend and her precious pet.

In Dog On It, a new mystery series by Spencer Quinn, dog Chet is a part of a crime solving team. Chet is not the brightest dog in the world, he is always forgetting that he is wearing a choker collar, he  wonders where the breeze is coming from when his tail starts to wag. He is very loyal to his partner Bernie, but certainly has trouble understanding Bernie's human motivations.

A couple other humorous dog's point of view fiction titles to also consider:

Bones in the Belfry, by Suzette A. Hill. 
Presents three alternative viewpoints to the plot, that of the hapless Vicar, Maurice the Cat and Bouncer the Dog.

by Jonathan Englert. 
Randolph uses his superior Lab brain to tackle strange happenings at the United Nations.


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  1. Another great novel for dog lovers is "Pocketful of names" by Joe Coomer. About a solitary artist living on an island who finds a dog washed up on the beach, the novel "is a deeply human tale about the unpredictability of nature, art, family, and whatever else washes up on the shore".