Thursday, April 23, 2009

Read Your Way Around the World - Brazil

One of the many great things about reading is the ability of a book to seemingly transport you to another place geographically. Fans of armchair travel revel in this aspect of leisure reading.

To help satisfy our readers' urge to explore the world via reading, Halifax Public Libraries has been creating a series of reading suggestions lists called Read Your Way Around the World.

Each country list highlights a few titles, usually combining both fiction and non-fiction, about the country and/or written by native authors. By no means exhaustive or definitive, these lists will hopefully give readers an enjoyable way to start a reading journey around the literary globe.

All Aboard! We are heading to Brazil.

by Fernando Henrique Cardoso. (2006)

Cardoso chronicles his political live in Brazil. He paints a picture of modern Brazil, on the one hand on the verge of being a global superpower, and on the other, suffering terrible poverty.

by Leighton Gage. (2008)

A Bishop is murdered in a remote Brazilian town. Chief Inspector Mario Silva is under pressure from the Pope himself to solve this case. Not for the faint of heart, as it is packed full of violence and vengeance.

by Paulo Coehlo. (2004)

Maria, a Brazilian prostitute, leaves Brazil seeking fame and fortune. Coehlo addresses the nature of love and sex. By the best selling author of The Alchemist.

by Frances de Pontes Peebles. (2008)

An intriguing tale of two sisters who each longs for a much different life. Set in historical Brazil of the 1920-30s, this saga takes the reader from rural life to high society and beyond, all the while engrossing the reader in Brazilian culture

by Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Rosa. (2006)

Espinosa is contacted for help by a psychiatrist who feels he is being stalked by a patient. Espinosa must differentiate fantasy from reality in the “sultry maze of Rio de Janeiro’s streets.”

by Glenne McReynolds. (2002)

Botanist Annie Parish and reclusive rogue scientist Will Travers embark on a romantic adventurous journey deep into the Brazilian rainforest.

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