Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Staff Picks - Where White Horses Gallop, by Beatrice MacNeil

Where White Horses Gallop, by Beatrice MacNeil

Four young men, their families and their Cape Breton community are changed forever by war. Their fathers, have lived through World War I, did not or could not share their experiences only to be left with the regret - should I have told them to stay home?

There is a deep connection with home and with place. " His feet knew the sand and the sand knew his footsteps." While always remaining respectful of the soldiers and the job they had to do, this is an anti-war novel showing the damage of war to an entire generation.

If you enjoy novels with a deep connection to place, you might like to try Prodigal Summer, by Barbara Kingsolver.

Another novel with a similar focus is Goodnight Sweetheart, by Charlotte Bingham.

Sometimes it's nice just to read a novel set in or close to home, try A Stone on Their Cairn: Clach Air An Carn: A Cape Breton Saga, by Kevin S. MacLeod. MacNeill's novel is focused largely on the home front.

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