Friday, November 19, 2010

Preserving and Surviving - a follow up

Since my post for long-term foodies, I've received several positive comments. I have another title for the list, but first I need to back up and explain why this book is an interesting find.

Most of the survival books I've read (see post "Call me a pessimist...") discuss long-term food storage techniques; preserves, MRE's (Meals-Ready-to-Eat), and non-perishables. Each type has storage requirements, expiry dates, and usually needs cooking. Cookery implies equipment, a heat source, and supplementary ingredients like vegetable oil and spice. It is a lot to consider.

After gathering your food stuffs and kitchen kit, you may have noticed an over abundance of one item or another. Other than university students, few can live off mac and cheese for a long period. The contents of your pantry should ideally provide nutritious and delicious meals, which use as little gear as possible, and have a long shelf lives.

I discovered Kathy Clark's Dinner is in the Jar, a home-grown cook book of specialized recipes. Each meal is based on pre-mixed dry goods stored in mason jars. Like bottling your own flavour of ramen noodles!

She provides quantities for each mix and the recipe. All you need to do is buy the dry goods in bulk and divide them between jars. Most of the meals are standards, like vegetable soup and stroganoff, and are attempts are crafting healthy, interesting food from otherwise bland components. She also provides copyable recipe cards which indicate when you will need extra time or extra ingredients.

This book makes my list for its adaptability and its potential cost-effectiveness.
What do you think?

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