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The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants - Political Scandals

Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. Yes, this is the common stereotype for musicians. But move over rockers – politicians have taken over! We are taught never to talk about sex, religion or politics in polite company. Yet, this is all that the news stations are talking about recently. Sex scandals are nothing new but with mass-media we are hearing about the latest politicians who had sex with , well who-ever, the minute, nay the second that it is found out.

There are so many scandals we now need a guide; isn’t that ridiculous. The Brotherhood of the Disappearing Pants: a field guide to conservative sex scandals by Joseph Minton Amann and Tom Breuer focuses on Americans. Divided into three sections, the Republicans, religious figures and the conservatives, it gives a summary of each scandal. As the preface of the book states: " A careful reading of this book should convince you that there are more sexual hi-jinks taking place in Washington, D.C., than you’ll ever find in the pages of Hustler."

What name comes to mind first in US political sex scandals – what more do I have to say except the name Kennedy. The first female images that comes mind when thinking about JFK is not Jackie but Marilyn Monroe (at least in my mind). All the males of this family appearing to be "hounds" and there are lots of books to choose from that give their history. The Kennedy Men 1901 - 1963: the laws of the father by Laurence Learner gives an overview of why the sons became the men that they were. Both Robert and John were linked to Marilyn Monroe. Teddy was forever judged because of the events that are featured in Chappaquiddick Revealed: what really happened by Kenneth R. Kappel. We have to wait and see about the next generation as they fills the pages of The National Enquirer with their "sexploits".

Bill Clinton! Oh Slick Willy, the exploits that he got up to while in Office. There is a whole generation who don’t believe that oral sex is sex since Bill declared "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"in reference to Monica Lewinski. There are two books that may interest you on this particular affair: The Clinton Enigma: a four-and-a-half minute speech reveals this presidents entire life by David Maranuis and A Vast Conspiracy : the real story of the sex scandal that nearly brought down a president by Jeffrey Toobin.

Two of the women linked with Clinton, not counting Hilary, of course have biographies: Gennifer Flowers: passion and betrayal and Monica’s story by Andrew Morton.

Clarence Thomas. I remember watching the inquiry on television and being totally disgusted. Where the other men I have written about had willing partners, Thomas was under the media and American people’s eyes for sexual harassment. You can read all about it in Capitol Games : Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill and the behind the scenes story of a Supreme Court nomination by Timothy M Phelps and Helen Winternitz.

And just when you think, Oh Canada (excuse the pun) politicians are so squeaky clean, well it isn’t because they are! It just seems that the media and Canadians in general are less interested in political private lives. After all we are the country in which, Pierre Trudeau stated " the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation". PET had an active bachelorhood but his wife, Margaret, may have had something to do with this saying. After all she did party the night away with members of the Rolling Stones. This may be mentioned in either the biography Changing My Mind by Margaret Trudeau or Keith Richards' bio Life.

For a more recent Canadian scandal, you can read My Story by Julie Couillard. Conservative Foreign Minister, Maxime Bernier, resigned his post after leaving sensitive NATO documents at his lover’s house. As if this wasn’t scandalise enough, Julie has been linked to the Hell’s Angels.

Locally, New Brunswick had Richard Hatfield who was well known for his doll collection and his love or hate for the Queen (or queens as the case may be).
Richard Hatfield: the seventeen year saga
by Richard Starr.

Even closer to home is Gerald Regan. In 1995 the former NS premier was accused of a number of sexual offenses, including rape, dating back decades.
Not Guilty, the trial of Gerald Regan by Stephen Kimber.

Peter MacKay was linked to Condoleezza Rice. I wonder what state secrets could have been shared with pillow talk. As time goes on I am sure that there are many more affairs to be discovered, legal or otherwise. I am sure that the media will keep us posted.

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