Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#CrazyForCanLit: Canadian Children's Books

CanCon for kids of all ages

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or you feel like you need to improve on your kid’s CanCon, here are 10 great children’s authors Canada has produced.

L.M. Montgomery: Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Montgomery’s works are a treasure trove of memorable characters, from Anne of Green Gables to Emily of New Moon.

Gordon Korman: Born in Montreal and raised in Quebec and Ontario, Korman’s books range from humourous antics to adventurous thrills. Top choices include I Want to Go Home! and the Macdonald Hall series, which he started writing when he was only 14.

Jan Truss: Born in England and living in Alberta, Truss wrote the Canadian historical novel A Very Small Rebellion, and her novel Jasmin won the Ruth Schwartz Children's Book Award in 1983.

Kit Pearson: Born in Edmonton and raised in Alberta and British Columbia, Pearson’s most famous book is The Sky is Falling. She also won the Governor General's Award for Children's Literature for Awake and Dreaming.

Farley Mowat: Born and raised in Ontario, Mowat is a well-known Canadian writer. Read his award-winning adventure Lost in the Barrens or his semi-autobiographical novel Owls in the Family.

Margaret Buffie: Born and raised in Manitoba, Buffie has written multiple books for youth, but it’s her first book that is most recognized. Who is Frances Rain? won the Young Adult Canadian Book Award in 1988.

Jean Little: Born in Taiwan and raised in Taiwan and Ontario, Little has been visually impaired from birth and wrote several works that featured children with disabilities. Mine for Keeps and From Anna are two classics.

Cora Taylor: Born in Saskatchewan, living in Alberta, Taylor has written several awarding winning books, including Julie. She also writes for the Our Canadian Girl book series.

Janet Lunn: Born in Texas, raised in Vermont and New York, and living in Ontario, Lunn was given the Order of Canada in 1997. Check out her works The Root Cellar and Shadow in Hawthorn Bay.

Eric Walters: Born and raised in Toronto, Walters was inspired to start writing while teaching elementary school. He’s written almost 100 books since, including the 9/11 drama We All Fall Down and dystopian novel The Rule of Thre3.

by Jill

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