Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14 is Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day, maybe with a little blueberry or maybe with Visions of Infinity: the great mathematical problems by Ian Stewart and with other fascinating books about mathematics.

"It is one of the wonders of mathematics that, for every problem mathematicians solve, another awaits to perplex and galvanize them. Some of these problems are new, while others have puzzled and bewitched thinkers across the ages. Such challenges offer a tantalizing glimpse of the field's unlimited potential, and keep mathematicians looking toward the horizons of intellectual possibility. In Visions of Infinity, celebrated mathematician Ian Stewart provides a fascinating overview of the most formidable problems mathematicians have vanquished, and those that vex them still. He explains why these problems exist, what drives mathematicians to solve them, and why their efforts matter in the context of science as a whole." publisher

Finding Zero: a mathematician's odyssey to uncover the origin of numbers by Amir D. Aczel
The Mathematics of Love: patterns, proofs and the search for the ultimate equation by Hannah Fry
Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: a mathematician's journey through narcissistic numbers, optimal dating algorithms and at least two kinds of infinity by Matt Parker
What If?: serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions by Randall Munroe
Mathematics 1001: absolutely everything that matters in mathematics in 1001 bite-sized explanations by Richard Elwes
How Not to Be Wrong: the power of mathematical thinking by Jordan Ellenberg

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