Saturday, March 29, 2014

Strange Happenings on Vancouver Island

by Bruce Burrows

Back when young Danny Swanson was a commercial fisherman, a disturbing, unresolved incident haunted him. One summer, his crew reeled in a monster one-eyed fish. Billy, a fellow crew member, offered to take the "Frankenstein" fish to the Vancouver Department of Fisheries and Ocean (DFO). Oddly, Billy was never heard from again. Now, eight years later, a blunt-spoken Danny works for the DFO, sees a JPEG of that distinctive fish in a DFO database, and begins to wonder what happened to Billy. Reassigned to work in his home region of British Columbia, Danny initiates his own investigation. After two more suspicious deaths, Danny feels trouble brewing and knows he needs insider help; who better than the young and attractive Sgt. Louise Karavchuk of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? VERDICT Conspiracy is alive and well in Burrows's winning debut. There is plenty of technical detail for readers who love adventures like Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm or David Masiel's 2182 kHz. Burrows's prose can be dense, but his ability to bring a mixed cast into the tale is stellar." - Library Journal

The Cottagers
by Marshall N. Klimasewiski

Cyrus Coddington, age nineteen, suspects that he may be a genius without a calling. A year-round resident of East Sooke, Vancouver Island, he has a natural resentment for the summer cottagers who descend on its rocky beaches. When two vacationing American couples arrive, they become his obsession. The husbands are engaged in an academic collaboration that looks more like competition; the wives are old friends who have grown apart and developed a strange jealousy. Cyrus spies on the cottagers through their windows, then begins to insinuate himself into their lives. When one of the cottagers goes missing, no one will look at any of the others the same way again.--Publisher

by Ron Chudley

Elizabeth and Tom's tranquil life is suddenly disrupted by a singular event: out of the flames and horror of 9/11 come riches beyond anyone's wildest dreams. But with the wealth comes danger and relentless pursuit by a grim figure whose motives may be a lot darker than justice. Fear, guilt and loyalty mean that Elizabeth and Tom are on their own. All they desire, finally, is to be rid of the dreadful fortune-- and to survive the attentions of those who would be rid of 'them'--Publisher

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