Thursday, December 12, 2013

Staff Pick - The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice

Anne Rice: after the vampires and religion, there are wolves.

Being an Anne Rice fan since the famous Lestat, I was excited when The Wolf Gift (M) came into print. I much enjoy reading paranormal, and the title itself screamed at me. story is set in the present day Northern California, and is filled with fantasy, romance, and the wonderful. The Wolf Gift tells of a young man, Reuben, who never really felt he had a place in the world even with his success. He stumbles upon a beautiful house on Nideck Point, as well as a beautiful woman. When tragedy befalls, he is attacked. Rueben survives, but is no longer the same man, but is not quite sure what happened. He is now part wolf; a new surreal world and family waits.

It was a large book, but didn't take too long to read. That is the trick with a good book, it ends too fast and you are left wondering, waiting for the author to write another. Or, at least that was how it was for me! Thankfully, Rice did not leave me disappointed, and hanging on the edge for too long. Wolves of Midwinter (M) picks up almost seamlessly. It is set around Christmas and the celebrations around the morphenkinder. Rice embellishes Reuben’s character; opening up family matters and romance in its rawest form. The second book also helps construct the other sub characters’ lives, giving them wholeness and thus, making this book even more whole.

The series, The Wolf Gift Chronicles, now include The Wolf Gift and The Wolves of Midwinter. As always Rice does not disappoint with great writing, great plot, and characters that you cannot forget.

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