Friday, November 29, 2013

2013 ReLit Award Shortlist

It's time again for Newfoundland writer Kenneth J. Harvey's ReLit awards honouring the best in Canadian independent publishing. This rather long "shortlist" highlights these authors in the Novel category. and the Mess We're In (M)
by Stephen Marche

Minor Episodes Major Ruckus (M)
by Garry Thomas Morse

The Lava in My Bones (M)
by Barry Webster 
Given (M)
by Susan Musgrave

Mount Royal (M)  
by Basil Papademos

Heidegger Stairwell (M)
by Kayt Burgess 

Life is About Losing Everything (M)
by Lynn Crosbie
The Complete Lockpick Pornography (M)
by Joey Comeau

Ninja Versus Pirate Featuring Zombies (M)
by James Marshall

Maidenhead (M) 
by Tamara Faith Berger

Texas (M) Claudio Gaudio

Dirty Bird (M)
by Keir Lowther

Husk (M)
by Corey Redekop

Whitetail Shooting Gallery (M)
by Annette Lapointe

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  1. INJUSTICE ALERT: in the Poetry category, "New and Selected Poems" by Cliff Burns is actually self-published. Black Dog Press is simply the name Mr. Burns puts on his self-published titles. As a "press", it has only published his own works (as a quick perusal of his catalogue will prove - http://cliffjburns.wordpress.c... ) and via POD/createspace, and so couldn't be considered an independent press by any traditional definition, I don't think. These days, self-published writers are calling themselves "indie writers" or "indie publishers" but I think what the ReLits intend to honour is small press titles only. That is, unless they've opened the floodgates to self-published works?