Saturday, October 26, 2013

Staff Pick - Under the Dome by Stephen King

Under the Dome (M) by Stephen King was a complete page turner. Plentiful in rich characters, incredibly fast paced (breathtakingly so!), a villain that is familiar (he's a politician) and malevolent henchmen who do his bidding and some of their own too.

Here is the NoveList plot description:
"After an invisible force field seals off Chester's Mill, Maine, from the rest of the world, it is up to Dale Barbara, an Iraq veteran, and a select group of citizens to save the town, if they can get past Big Jim Rennie, a murderous politician, and his son, who hides a horrible secret in his dark pantry."

The Dome after all isn't so bad for everyone locked inside. From the moment The Dome drops on Chester's Mill I was sucked in, I had to know what was going to happen to all of the residents, the good and the bad alike.

Don't be intimidated at the page count (1,074 of story), this story is "Fly by the seat of your pants!", the only part of me that fell asleep while reading was my hand!

I've consulted NoveList for read-a-like suggestions, three of which I have listed below along with the read-a-like appeals. The only one on the list I've read is Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk and I really enjoyed that one as well!

~ Erin

This Present Darkness (M)
by Frank Peretti
- Violent, Fast-paced, and Small town life

Something Wicked This Way Comes (M)
by Ray Bradbury
- Creepy, Menacing, and Compelling

Lullaby (M)
by Chuck Palahniuk
-Creepy, Violent, and Character-driven

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