Friday, October 25, 2013

Scary Reads part 2

Part two of Halifax Public Libraries staff's list of scary reads:

Exquisite Corpse (M)
by Poppy Z. Brite

“The term exquisite corpse is actually a story or anything created by a group by adding different parts etc. …the author has 4 characters adding to the story and they all collide in New Orleans at the end. The horrific end.”

Song of Kali (M)
by Dan Simmons

 “ A book that stayed with me for weeks after I finished it….It is by far the scariest, most disturbing book I have ever read. Couldn’t put it down. Very dark and evocative of the seedier side of the city. As one reviewer said It is NOT a warm, fuzzy, feel better about humanity story.”

The Passage (M)
by Justin Cronin

“It is apocalyptic fiction about a military experiment with a virus gone terribly wrong. It is super creepy and terrifying! .....The sequel The Twelve, is equally as good”

The Book of Lost Things (M
by John Connolly

 “He normally writes crime fiction and this looks like a children’s YA coming of age fantasy. With that in mind, it turns very dark and grim, and is not intended for youth. It is a shocker when the fairy tale and legend themes turn so adult!”

Stitches: a graphic novel autobiography (M)
by David Small

"very scary…even more so because it‘s true. He realizes he can’t trust his parents and they never had his best interests at heart. Furthermore, they did terrible things to him and around him, whether by intention or not. Psychological horror!”

The Green River Killer (M)
by Jeff Jensen

A true detective story (by the son of the detective in charge of the case) is haunting, frightening and bone chilling.

Happy like Murderers: the true story of Fred and Rosemary West (M)
by Gordon Burns

“I found it riveting and hard to forget, and also deeply unpleasant…certainly the scariest book I have read.”

And every book Stephen King (M) has written.

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