Thursday, June 28, 2012

Librarian's Picks from News 95.7 - Adult Fiction

editor's note: Kristina is scheduled be a guest on 95.7 again this morning (approx 11:30). Tune in to Maritime Morning with Jordi Morgan.

A couple of our librarians did a guest spot on local radio station News 95.7 this past Sunday. Sunday morning host Erin Trafford is an avid reader and a fan of the library.

Interspersed with chat about Summer Reading Club, library digital downloads, our Read Away Your Fines program for youth and library book clubs, librarians Alison and Kristina made a few suggestions for adults and kids for summer reads.  Here's what they mentioned (and what they would have mentioned if time had allowed):

Kristina's summer picks for adults:

Tattooed (M)
by Pamela Callow

Love action packed legal thrillers? Then you'll love them even more when the setting is your own back yard. The third instalment in the Halifax set Kate Lange series. All in paperback and perfect for beach reading.

The Town that Drowned (M)
by Riel Nason

Attention has been building for this first novel from a New Brunswick author. A young girl has a vision of her town under water: then residents begin noticing workmen surveying and preparing for the building of a dam. Winner of the Margaret and John Savage First Book Award and the regional Canada/Europe Commonwealth Prize.

The Rook (M)
by Daniel O'Malley

First mentioned on the Reader in our January new releases to watch for post.  When she wakes in a field surrounded by bodies, the note in Myfanwy Thomas' hand says , "the body you are wearing used to be mine": this fantasy/thriller/satire novel should make great summer reading. 

On The Island (M) 
by Tracey Graves

You'll have to wait until July for this one, but buzz is building around this novel that follows the story of a teacher and her young student after their plane crashes on a deserted tropical island. This first novel was originally self-published, but buzz and strong ebook sales drew the attention of Penguin who will be releasing a paperback version on July 17th.

Not mentioned on air but also of interest for summer:

Bared to You (M) 
by Syliva Day

Everyone is talking about this book as a great suggestion for readers looking for something to read after the blockbuster bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.The first book in the Crossfire series about a young woman starting out in the advertising industry in New York City and the sexy, rich but domineering Gideon Cross who becomes obsessed with her.

Gone Girl (M)
by Gillian Flynn

This thriller about a woman who disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary has been getting lots of attention on the summer best lists. Suspicion falls on her husband, but both have dark secrets. Told in alternating voices of the suspected Nick and the diary of the disappeared Amy. 

~Tune into our blog on Saturday for Alison's summer reading suggestions for teens - and adults who love teen fiction.~


  1. If you happened to catch me on the radio today and didn't make note of the additional titles we mentioned, here they are:

    Gold by Chris Cleave
    Brenner and God by Wolf Haas
    The Reluctant Detective by Finley Martin
    The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay
    The Road by Cormac McCarthy

    And for gardeners:

    The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener by Niki Jabbour
    Beautiful No-mow yards by Evelyn Hadden

  2. You talked this am about a book that was written in German then re written in English it was a detective and there was a little 2 year old boy who was kidnapped..Can you tell me the name of the book. It sounded interesting..Helen C.

  3. That one is Brenner and God by Wolf Haas. Here's a link to the library catalogue record for more information:|library/m/halifax-horizon|1775589