Sunday, March 29, 2009

I need more Stephanie Plum and less reality in my life

I have never been a girl with big hair. Or a girl that a swipe of mascara could make or break the day. Ahhh.... Stephanie Plum how I long to be you.

5 Random things about me pretending to be Stephanie Plum.

1. I usually gain 5 lbs just reading about all the food.

2. I am a Morelli girl all the way.

3. I have easily worked into my day to day vernacular– “I need a(insert food here- ex. Bucket of chicken, eclair, Rolo McFlurry) to settle my stomach. “

4. I like my Peanut Butter and Potato Chip sandwich better then her Peanut Butter and Olive sandwich. (Yes I tried it)

5. While my grandmother never shot a chicken at the dinner table, she did once beat up a girl on her hockey team for pulling out a compact on the ice. (True story!)

While there can only be one Stephanie Plum there are many equally amusing heroines.

Lisa Lutz, , Susan Andersen, Donna Andrews, Maggie Barbieri, Nancy Bartholomew, Jennifer Crusie, Selma Eichler, Carole Epstein, Sparkle Hayter, Lauren Henderson, Susan Isaacs, Marne Davis Kellogg, Harley Jane Kozak, Marissa Piesman, Chris Rogers, Sarah Shankman, Sarah Strohmeyer


  1. Need another spunky woman for this list - Can I recommend Sookie Stackhouse and the Southern Vampire series By Charlaine Harris. While Stephanie has Ranger or Morelli in her life Sookie has the undead Vampire Eric or Vampire Bill vying for her attention (and maybe a bit of blood now and then)! Or should Sookie take another bite of life by mating with Quinn the weretiger? Talk about animal lust.......

  2. May I also recommend Betsy Taylor the Vampire Queen (of the Undead Series by Mary Janice Davidson)? Hilarious books - lots of great, witty, one-liners, great use of sarcasem, great characters, and outrageous situations (that read so realisitcally in the context of the books) - they have me laughing in no time and are so addictive!

    She also writes a couple of other series that are apparently good (Fred the Mermaid, the Gorgeous Series, the Royal Series, and the Wyndham Warewolf series). I've read the first book of the Mermaid series featuring Fred, and while the writing is still quite funny, I did not enjoy the characters as much those of the Undead Series.

  3. How about the funny and light Laura Levine? Her neighbour, her parents in Florida (who moved to be nearer to the Shopping network) and her cat Prozac make for lots of delicious laughs. The heroine and sleuth of these books is a freelance writer always trying to find a job that will provide her next paycheque. Her titles include "PMS Murder", "Death by Pantyhose" and her recent "Killer Cruise".