Saturday, March 28, 2009

Book Review: Night After Night by Kathryn Smith

I’m just finishing up the most recent book in the Brotherhood of Blood series. Just released, this next installment in the vampire series by Kathryn Smith explores the story of Temple, one of original vampires who drank from the cup of Lilith. For those of you interested in vampires or familiar with this series, you’ll remember that Temple was one of the knights set about to safeguard the Holy Grail. However, he and his friends made a mistake. Rather than finding the Holy Grail, they found the Blood Grail. After taking a drink (which held the blood of Lilith), they became vampires.

Flash forward several hundred years…Temple has melted down the Blood Grail and sent it to his friends. Always seen as the leader of this specific group of vampires, his friends flock to his aid when they learn he’s in trouble: trouble in love as well as in danger. Temple, against his wishes, has fallen in love with his captor, a direct descendent of Lilith. In the face of all of this, a power hungry group of mortals are determined to resurrect Lilith, and destroy the vampires.

While written in the usual fast-paced yet formulaic style (where good triumphs over evil and the vampire gets the girl) this book definitely holds its own against the rest of the series. Although not my favorite of the series, I don’t think fans of vampire romance, or of this series, will be disappointed. However, I do find, unlike some of the other books, that there is a certain lack of depth to the characters.

But, if you’re looking for something light to read and enjoy vampire romance, this might be the book for you. If you’re new to the series, however, I suggest starting with the first book, Be Mine Tonight because each book builds on the last, incorporating new characters and building on old as the series goes on.

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