Monday, September 20, 2010

Toronto Book Awards Shortlist

The finalists for the 2010 Toronto Book Awards have been announced.

Established by Toronto City Council in 1974, The Toronto Book Awards honour authors of books of literary or artistic merit that are evocative of Toronto.

The Prince of Neither Here Nor There, by Sean Cullen

"This first book in a new series is a fantastical, funny, action-packed adventure through a hidden magical world set in Toronto. Cullen's quirky humour, memorable characters, and unconventional storytelling (including extensive footnotes) makes for a highly enjoyable read. It is a classic formula with a local twist and lots of laughs that is sure to appeal to preteen readers, or anyone else suffering from Harry Potter withdrawal."- Judge's comments.

Valentine's Fall, by Cary Fagan

"After 25 years of living as a bluegrass musician in Prague, Huddie Rosen returns to Toronto and is forced to revisit the geography of his youth. There are complicated relationships, disappointments, even some mystery, as he wanders the familiar streets in a part of Toronto rarely depicted. Beautifully written, this book combines humour with pathos: nostalgia for the past is married to the realities of the present and hope for the future." - Judge's comments.

Where We Have to Go, by Lauren Krishner
"Growing pains, family dysfunction, and bargain-hunting at the Sally Ann merge in this bittersweet coming-of-age story set in Jewish Toronto of the 1990s. Told with extraordinary freshness and wit, Kirshner's first person narrative brilliantly captures the trials and tribulations of her teen girl protagonist — pimples and all. The result: a wry and astonishing debut from one of Canada's rising literary talents."- Judge's comments.

The Carnivore, by Mark Sinnett

"Sinnett takes what would be a cliché in lesser hands — Hurricane Hazel's devastation of Toronto in 1954 yoked to an affair that silently undermines a young marriage — to produce a novel of adventure and sorrow. Sinnett's taut prose, sense of the era and the city, and ear for the words and silences of a marriage brings the storm, the city, and the characters fully to life."- Judge's comments.

Diary of Interrupted Days, by Dragan Todorovic

"A literary work of compassion and distinction. Todorovic's painfully sharp representation of the lives of three friends, torn apart by war in the Balkans, leads to their separation, isolation and loneliness. Two of them eventually move to Toronto, hoping to put the past behind them, even as they wonder what has happened to their friend. Todorovic's prose is strikingly elegant and compelling throughout the work."- Judges comments.


btw, the winner in 2009 was More, by Austin Clarke

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