Monday, July 13, 2009

New Books You Might Have Missed - Fiction

With so many great books being released every week, it can be hard to keep up with what is new. Often we see the same books talked about over and over again in the press, while other books get passed over for promotion. Here's a few of those lesser hyped yet interesting looking titles that passed by my desk in the last few weeks

Delicate Edible Birds and other Stories by Lauren Goff: collection of short stories from the author of the bestselling novel The Monsters of Templeton. "The richly conceived, finely detailed stories offer portraits of smart, daring women who are in search of, in thrall to, or disillusioned by love...Vivid tales from a gifted young writer who continues to surprise." (Booklist magazine review)

Stripmalling by Jon Paul Fiorentino: "Jonny lives and works in a strip mall in suburban Winnipeg. For Some people, this would be exciting and fulfilling enough. But Jonny has a dream: he wants to be a writer. He has almost everything he needs to be a success: a supportive girlfriend, an active imagination and an abundance of subject matter. There is only one obstacle: his own relentless stupidity".(inside book jacket). Novel that mixes some graphic novel elements.

The Yoga Teacher by Alexandra Gray: novel of contemporary life. A pharmaceutical rep quits her job and follows her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. A bit of romance, a bit of humour, a bit of soul searching.

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