Saturday, June 27, 2009

Canadian Chick Lit

I’ve been remiss in my blog posting lately, so I do apologize to those of you who have been waiting for my second installment of Chick lit.

For some good old-fashioned lounging in the sun or sitting at the beach summer reading, I suggest giving the Canadian author, Lesley Crewe, a try.

Here are the summaries to three of her books, to whet your appetite (her fourth, Hit and Mrs.: a novel, is coming soon to our library) :

Relative Happiness. “Lexie Ivy loves her little house in Cape Breton, her big family, and the endless sea that surrounds her. She wouldn’t trade her life for anything, but at thirty, she’s starting to feel like something’s missing. Enter Adrian, a charming backpacker who takes a wrong turn at the U.S. border, and ends up on Lexie’s door step, and Joss, an irresistible man who disappears just as quickly as he arrives. Lexie’s peaceful life has suddenly become more complicated that she ever imagined.” – Back cover.

Shoot Me. "In the words of her psychology student daughter, Elsie Brooks is an enabler. She mothers everyone—her social work clients, her husband, her twenty-something daughters, and her reclusive sister who lives in the attic. Elsie is committed to taking care of everyone...everyone but herself. So, when crazy Aunt Hildy writes to demand a bedroom in their Halifax home, Elsie can’t help but say yes. When Hilda arrives, she enchants and enrages the family with her moxie. That and her proclamation that she has hidden treasure in the house and the king’s ransom will go to whoever loved her most. When someone threatens Aunt Hildy, she responds with her trademark sass: “Go ahead. Shoot me. I dare you.” Whoever it is takes her up on it. Suddenly, the house is turned topsy-turvy as Elsie’s family searches for a treasure that Elsie doesn’t believe even exists, and for a killer that could be any one of them."--Nimbus.

Ava Comes Home. "Ava Harris is a famous actress living the life of the rich and fabulous in L.A. when a family crisis calls her home. It’s been ten years since she’s set foot in Glace Bay, Cape Breton—back when she was plain old Libby MacKinnon. Why she ran away, no one knows. Returning home, she must face her family, her friends, and her first love, Seamus O’Reilly, whose heart broke the day she left. Ava is a good little actress, determined that no one will know what happened. She will keep the truth buried at all costs-even if she has to run again. But secrets have a way of surfacing, especially in a small town, and love has a way of blasting through the toughest barriers. While Ava can never go home again, perhaps Libby finally can."--Back cover.

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