Thursday, April 21, 2011

Staff Pick - Far Cry by John Harvey

Today's reading suggestion comes to us from Patricia Milner, a guest blogger from the Annapolis Valley Regional Library.

Known best for his Charlie Resnick series, John Harvey proves once again he can tackle any subject in his novels. To lose a child is something unthinkable to most and to have it happen twice to someone seems almost beyond comprehension. This is the ground that Harvey covers in Far Cry.

Detective Inspector Will Grayson and DS Helen Walker are the officers who get this extraordinary case. We become witnesses to the emotional roller coaster ride that parents and police alike, experience every time a child goes missing, is hurt, or worse. Physically and mentally there are casualties as not everyone is able to survive that particular ride. Harvey shows us how both the threat of loss and the reality of loss can affect us so totally that nothing else exists. Certainly a master when it comes to exploring behaviour, his characters are achingly human. You will have no problem picturing any of these individuals and recognizing the qualities that each of them brings to the book.

Another well paced, well thought out story by one of my favourite authors.

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