Thursday, April 7, 2011

James Grippando Read-a-Likes

My branch library always has a couple of themed fiction displays on our slat walls. One of these displays is usually a read-a-like fiction display. These read-a-likes are typically our most popular fiction displays. The more popular the author, the better the results. It is interesting to see which displays are the most effective. Some of the more successful author's names won't be too surprising, e.g. Jodi Picoult, John Sandford, others may catch you a bit by surprise, e.g. Mary Higgins Clark, Anita Shreve.

We recently had fantastic results with a James Grippando read-a-like display. The selected titles really flew off the shelf. This must be a sure sign that Grippando is pleasing his readership and that they crave more of the same thing.

Perhaps you are looking for a James Grippando like reading experience?

James Grippando is a master suspense writer who frames most of his stories within the legal profession. His stories are taut, tense and thrilling. He has a writing style that features fast paced action, crisp dialogue and a lot of really clever plot twists. He is able to steadily build tension until the reader is practically begging for release.

His best know books (Found Money, Beyond Suspicion) feature the character of Jack Swytech, but Grippando also has several stand alone titles, including 2011's Money to Burn.

If you enjoy the reading experienced provided by James Grippando, you may also enjoy these similarly appealing writers, as suggested by Joyce Saricks of NoveList:

"With basically good characters caught up in dangerous situations, in financial, legal, and political settings, fellow Suspense writer Brad Meltzer should interest fans of Grippando. Fast-paced, intricately twisted storylines of corruption and conspiracy, as well as abundant local color will also please readers. Start with his first, The Tenth Justice, a legal page-turner.

William Bayer is another writer of hard-edged, fast-paced investigative Suspense Stories, with storylines often linked to secrets in the past and similar non-series protagonists. Perhaps more intense and literary than Grippando's, these should still satisfy fans. The recent The Dream of the Broken Horses is a good introduction.

Joseph Finder's cinematic Suspense Stories offer violent, fast-paced dramas that touch many aspects of the genre from espionage and terrorists to courtroom battles. His tales are filled with the sympathetic characters, action sequences, and mounting tension that appeal to readers of Grippando. Try High Crimes, which pits a law professor, trying to save her ex-special services husband against a government conspiracy.

Readers looking for a more literary style might appreciate Greg Iles, whose Suspense Stories also cover a range of topics. Sympathetic heroes, violent action, layers of secrets provide the basis for his absorbing tales. The Quiet Game is a good title to offer, with its intriguing, complicated story of conspiracy and blackmail as a prosecutor turned best-selling novelist tries to protect his father and his reputation.

Kyle Mills, another popular Suspense writer of series and non-series titles, is a good suggestion for Grippando's fans. In Burn Factor, for example, he sends an FBI computer programmer after a serial murderer when she uncovers a government conspiracy while on the job. The programmer wants nothing more than to be a field agent, but she finds herself in danger of losing her job, or even her life. Memorable characters, nail-biting action, building suspense make this a good bet for Grippando's fans"

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