Monday, April 5, 2010

Elvis Sightings

I see that a couple of Elvis impersonators are coming to town. A number of books I have read lately featured Elvis in one form or another.

The latest is The Good Humor Man or Calorie 3501 by Andrew Fox. This parody of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury takes place in the year 2041. The Good Humor men are fighting against the evils of consumption and a pound of chocolate is worth more that a kilo of cocaine. The plot involves Dr. Louis Shmalzberg trying to protect his family heirloom, the liposuctioned fat of Elvis.

Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series has one of my favorite Elvis re-incarnations. Elvis has been renamed Bubba. He is a brain damaged, obese vampire with a fondness for cats. When the morgue attendant "turned him" he did not take into account the drugs in Elvis’s system and the amount of post death brain damage. People are very careful not to call him Elvis because it upsets him and you don’t want to upset Bubba!

In Dean Koontz’s series, Odd Thomas, the main character can see and talk to the dead. Yet the dead either chose not to or can’t talk back to Thomas. Elvis is one of the spirits that he frequently is visited by. If you want to find out why you will have to read the series.

Stephen King’s, Nightmares and Dreamscapes features the short story You Know They Got a Hell of a Band. A young couple get lost on a trip. They end up in a town where Elvis is the mayor and its citizens are other late rock and roll legends. When they try to escape they are caught and they discover; it is not so much a rock’n’roll heaven. It is more of a hell.

Douglas Adams featured Elvis in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The main character travels to a distant planet that has a run down cafĂ© named "The King’s Domain" where Elvis sings to the patrons.

Here are some more fictional books about Elvis that you may enjoy:

Elvis in the Morning by William F, Buckley Jr.
Almost Graceland by Steve Carlson
Tender by Mark Childress
Waiting for Elvis by David Elias
The King - Rich Koslowski

Can you think of any other musician that has crossed over into the fictional realm?

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