Monday, March 28, 2011

Atlantic Book Awards Shortlist - something for every reader

Here we go again! The best of the best of Atlantic Canadian writing.

Atlantic Book Awards shortlist has been announced. The winners will be announced during the week of May 12th to the 19th, so place your holds and predict the winners.

Margaret and John Savage First Book Award:

Kate Evans
Where Old Ghosts Meet
Jerry Lockett Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada
Alexander MacLeod Light Lifting

Atlantic Independent Booksellers' Choice Award:

Deborah Carr Sanctuary
Sheree Fitch Pluto's Ghost
Johanna Skibsrud The Sentimentalists

Dartmouth Book Award (Fiction):

Lesley Choyce Raising Orion
Sheldon Currie Two More Solitudes
Anne Emery Children in the Morning

Dartmouth Book Award (Non-fiction):

John Boileau Halifax & the Royal Canadian Navy
Daniel Doucet Elizabeth LeFort: Canada's artist in wool
Jerry Lockett Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada

Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award:

Alexander MacLeod Light Lifting
Beth Powning The Sea Captain's Wife
Kathleen Winter Annabel

APMA Best Atlantic-Published Book Award:

Elizabeth Pierce Grow Organic
Various Authors Out Loud: Essays on Mental Illness, Stigma and Recovery (on order) Kate Evans Where Old Ghosts Meet

Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing:

Rusty Bittermann
Sailor's Hope
Josie Penny So Few on Earth (on order)
Jon Tattrie The Hermit of Africville

Evelyn Richardson Memorial Literary Prize for Non-fiction:

Laura Penny More Money Than Brains
J. A. Wainwright Blazing Figures: A Life of Robert Markle (on order)
Christopher A. Walsh Under the Electric Sky

Atlantic Poetry Prize:

Johanna Skibsrud I Do Not Think That I Could Love A Human Being (on order)
Douglas Burnet Smith Learning To Count (on order)
John Steffler Lookout

Ann Connor Brimer Award for Children's Literature:

Jan L. Coates A Hare in the Elephant's Trunk
Shauntay Grant The City Speaks in Drums
Valerie Sherrard The Glory Wind

Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Illustration :

Brian Deines One Hockey Night by David Ward
Doretta Groenendyk Snow for Christmas
Susan Tooke The City Speaks in Drums by Shauntay Grant

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