Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Staff Pick - Mysteries by Boris Akunin

Looking to start the new year with a new mystery series? Why not consider the author who has been described as "the undisputed champion of Russian crime fiction".

Boris Akunin is best known for two mystery series: featuring Sister Pelagia and Erast Fandorin.

Akunin sets his novels in Tsarist Russia and excels at getting the historical details just right. His characters are also very likable and noble. They are portrayed with real human strengths and weaknesses. They fumble and make mistakes, but at the end of the day, they inspire those around them.

While his writing may be at times a little heavy, and the long Russian names can get confusing, the reader is rewarded with such finely crafted, multi-layered plots that keep readers involved until the very end.

Giles Whitell of The Times, says "
Boris Akunin is a sensation. He has created a popular hero [Erast Fandorin] to equal Sherlock Holmes and James Bond in his bestselling whodunnits."

Akunin, best known for his Erast Fandorin series, has created another memorable sleuth in Sister Pelagia, a 19th-century Russian nun whose insights into human nature and curiosity will remind many of G.K. Chesterton's Father BrownPublisher’s Weekly

Checkout his neat website for further details and fun.

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