Thursday, May 20, 2010

Atlantic Canada Reads? Of course we do!

Salty Ink, Atlantic Canada's bookish booster is proposing a competition in the style of Canada Reads and Canada Also Reads. You have until May 28 to nominate your favourite Atlantic Canadian book, so time is ticking people! There is a catch, however. You must be willing to defend your choice with a persuasive essays in the 500 word range. There will be a long list, and a short list and finally the big reveal on Canada Day.

Another book blog I've been enjoying is That Shakespearean Rag, see here for an interview with That Shakespearean Rag and Salty Ink's Chad Pelley.

Perhaps to get your literary juices flowing you might want to consult Atlantic Canada's 100 Greatest Books

We've enjoyed this book before. Or the Atlantic Books Awards.The choices are many. Which Atlantic Canadian book do you believe every Canadian should read?

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