Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Love steampunk? Love making things yourself? Check out these great DIY steampunk books.

Needles and Artifice : a refined adventure story with ingenious knitting patterns edited by Shannon Okey.

I love the idea of this book. Not only does it teach you some great patterns but you get a story too!

"Gentle ladies and kind sirs: welcome to the world of Needles and Artifice, where corseted Victorian fashion gets an energized infusion of punk. In this fantastically playful take on steampunk knitwear design, the Ladies of Mischief offer not only 23 original patterns, but also a high-flying, busk-snapping adventure that plays out across each chapter. Pull on your goggles and spats, knitters: you're in for a wild ride" back cover.

Steampunk Accessories : 20 projects to help you nail the style, from goggles to cell phone cases, pocket gauntlets, and jewelry by Nicola Tedman

This book is a great starting place for that perfect steampunk outfit. My favorite project in this book is “the adventurer’s belt” which looks and sounds fabulous.

“Steampunk enthusiasts are imaginative dressers. But when it comes to accessorizing the perfect steampunk costume, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for in stores or online. So here’s a complete guide to making your own distinct accessories with ease!”  back cover

Steampunk Softies : scientifically minded dolls from a past that never was by Sarah Skeate

This book will teach you how to make some truly unique dolls. I like that they all have a small backstory and fantastical names.

“Meet the Steampunk Softies, a charmingly raffish cast of characters for you to make, each with his or her own unique personality. From Charity Storm, the aviatrix who sports a set of built-in wings, to Tompion Zeitgeist, the sinister illusionist with mesmerizing eyes, each of the eight softies has a story to tell and all are firmly rooted in a past that never quite existed.”  back cover

Steampunk Tea Party: from cakes & toffees to jams & teas : 30 Neo-Victorian steampunk recipes from far-flung galaxies, underwater worlds & airborne excursions by Jema Emilly Ladybird Hewitt.

Yum is all I can say about this book. I love the idea of a tea party, especially the sweets! This book will help you throw the perfect steampunk tea party. It teaches you to make everything from “Gingerbread Woppits” to “Lunar Regimental Chutney”.

"Join Miss Emilly Ladybird on a delicious adventure as she travels to fascinating destinations--just in time for tea! Whether enjoying a relaxing tea ceremony in Shangri-La or protecting Her Majesty's tea and cake against Martians, her exploits will be both tantalizing and tasty!"--From publisher.

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