Thursday, March 26, 2015

Readalikes: Harry Bosch mysteries, by Michael Connelly

Are you a fan of mystery/suspense author Michael Connelly? His Harry Bosch series has been among the more popular series at our library for several years.

Connelly excels at creating intriguing plot lines that he fleshes out with realistic details, resulting in storylines that ring very true, which is essential for my enjoyment of any mystery novel. I guess Connelly's years as a crime reporter for the LA Times pays dividends in his ability to accurately portray crimes and the criminal mind.

His most popular series features detective Harry Bosch. Hieronymous (Harry) Bosch is a detective in the classic style, one who will stop at nothing to protect the vunerable. Someone who may break a few rules when necessary to impart his sense of justice and is a loner who has his own demons that torment him. The settings of Hollywood and Los Angeles are also key ingredients in this series, providing a backdrop full of greed, sleaze and shattered dreams.

If you like Detective Harry Bosch, you might also enjoy:

Leonardo Padura - Cuban mystery series featuring Lt. Mario Conde, known as the Count on the streets of Havana. Like Bosch, Conde is a champion of hard working citizens struggling against the underworld and the justice system. If Conde had his way, he would be allowed to retire and become a novelist, but his sense of duty always draws him back. The setting of Havana is an integral element to this fine series.

John Harvey - British Inspector Charlie Resnick tackles crime and corruption in the city of Nottingham. He too has a strong sense of right and wrong and can't stop himself from shaking up the establishment. Of course, he has his own issues that seem to prevent him from ever finding peace, happiness and true love.

Jeremiah Healy - Bostonian private eye John Francis Cuddy is a Vietnam Vet who has his fair share of emotional issues. He is intensely loyal and will never turn his back on someone in need, especially those pitted against the system. As with many heroes, his dark side bubbles to the surface when he gets angry. Strong characters and complex storylines define this series.

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