Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Canadian Library Month: Books Featuring Libraries

Libraries are our friends - Neil Gaiman

Book lovers - it is October and Canadian Library Month! Let’s celebrate one of our favourite places on the planet - libraries! And let’s celebrate Library month with books about librarians, libraries, bookmobiles, archivists, and even library cats.

The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai

“The Borrower is a wonderful celebration of books and friendship, brimming with literary references and plenty of laughs. Bump it up your own library queue, because this is one book you won’t want to miss.”

This Book is Overdue!: how librarians and cybrarians can save us all by Marilyn Johnson

“The new librarians are bloggers, information junkies and protectors of freedom and privacy in the Patriot Act era. Energetic, winningly acerbic and downright fun, This Book Is Overdue will leave you convinced that librarians really can save the world.”

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

“Henry is a 28-year-old librarian who has a genetic disorder that causes him to travel through time involuntarily. You love the characters, you're deeply involved in their lives, you can sense tragedy coming and you know it's going to hurt. But there's no way you can stop reading. And that's exactly as it should be.”

The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman

“The Ice Queen is the novel that seamlessly blends magic and reality. It is the tale of a librarian in a small town whose wishes come true, but not always for the best.”

Dewey: the small-town library cat who touched the world by Vicki Myron

“I hope I've also captured something else: the magic of libraries. Libraries aren't warehouses for books; they are meeting houses for human beings. A good library is less an institution than a home. It has comfortable seats, desks, computers, friendly people and, yes, sometimes even a cat. Libraries are society's great leveling agent: they offer job listings, financial information, technology, entertainment, any book you want. For free. I hate it when people tiptoe through a library. "This isn't a graveyard," I want to shout. "It's alive. So live a little!" Vicki Myron

The inner circle by Brad Meltzer

“A thriller about a librarian? Beecher White is an archivist at the National Archives. Buried in history every day, he makes a living by finding answers to mysterious questions. “Mysteries are my speciality,”- Beecher says with nerdy pride.”

The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton

“The Camel Bookmobile leaves no room for doubt: Books are essential. Cookbooks, novels, parenting books—they all matter to Fiona "Fi" Sweeney, a librarian from Brooklyn searching for fulfillment atop a book-laden camel in the arid and dangerous bush of Kenya.”

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