Monday, September 1, 2014

The Lighter Side of Labour Day

I feel like I've transported back to 1980 and I've channeled Mad Magazine.  Let's enjoy the lighter side of work, and share what we know to be true of offices, retail and of course those crazy bosses.

The Customer is Not Always Right: hilarious and horrific tales of customers gone wrong by A.J. Adams

Checkout Girl: a life behind the register by Anna Sam

The Customer is Always Wrong: the retail chronicles edited and compiled by Jeff Martin

Dumb Employed:hilariously dumb and sadly true stories about jobs like yours by Phil Edwards and Matt Kraft

Overheard in the Office : conversations from water coolers, conference rooms, and cubicles compiled by S. Morgan Friedman and Michael Malice

Cubicle Warfare : 101 office traps and pranks by John Austin

Problem Identified and You're Probably Not Part of the Solution  by Scott Adams

The Cubicle Survival Guide : keeping your cool in the least hospitable environment on earth  by James F. Thompson

And, of course:

Quiet, Please : dispatches from a public librarian by Scott

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