Saturday, August 16, 2014

Detective By Night - amateur detectives and their day jobs

Doc Ford novels by Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford is a marine biologist and an ex-CIA agent who lives on the west coast of Florida. He was initially drawn back into a life of adventure when a friend is murdered and Ford must find his missing son and figure out just what this friend was up to in Sanibel Flats. Twenty one adventures later and Ford, in Bone Deep, is immersed in the world of black market traders with a particular interest in fossils and Indian relics.

Nina Quinn mysteries by Heather Webber

Nina Quinn is a landscape architect with a passion for plants as well as for justice. In Weeding Out Trouble Nina's right hand assistant, Kit, goes missing. In the course of her investigation, she learns that Kit's girlfriend has been murdered and now Kit is suspect number one. In her first adventure A Hoe of a Lot of Trouble Nina introduces her business Taken by Surprise - a surprise garden makeover service.

Minnie Hamilton in Bookmobile Cat mysteries by Laurie Cass

In Lending a Paw, librarian Minnie Hamilton is lively and passionate about bringing reading and library service to the people. When she and the bookmobile cat find the body of a library donor in a ditch she is compelled to investigate. In another adventure, Hamilton uses her bookmobile to bring an ailing artist to the hospital, only to learn that he is a suspect in a murder investigation.

Samantha Owens novels by J.T. Ellison

Pathologist Samantha Owens (When Shadows Fall) receives a letter from a dead man asking her to solve his murder. Initially she ignores this request but becomes curious when she learns that she is a beneficiary in his will and it stipulates that she must perform his autopsy. The autopsy reveals that he was indeed murdered and Owens must next find out how he knew he was going to be murdered.

Cleopatra Jones mysteries by Maggie Toussaint

Accountant Cleopatra Jones uses "her trusty spreadsheets and logical accountant's brain" to solve all manner of murder. In her first adventure, In For a Penny, Jones is drawn into a murder investigation when fingers are pointed at her friend who is in a dispute with the murder victim.

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