Saturday, July 26, 2014

Staff Pick - Gin O'Clock by The Queen

Oh my! I think this is the first book I've ever read that made me laugh, snort and/or chuckle on every single page. The Queen [of Twitter: @Queen_UK] has published her diary from a rather eventful year in her life which encompassed the Olympics, two royal weddings and her diamond jubilee.

Mrs "Call Me Carole" Middleton on the phone. Wanting to check we're not wearing the same outfit to George's party. Would have thought not.

The Queen has been on Twitter for some time reflecting on ruling her Commonwealth one day at at at time, often one country at a time (she talks about Tonga alot - she likes Tonga and can often rule them from bed), dishes on her large family, keeps tabs on her prime minister and drinks an unconstitutionally large amount of gin in Gin O'Clock.

The star of the show has to be Camilla. Poor, confused Camilla - frequently missing, often found in a large hole or a decorative vase, sighted only by the puff from her cigarette. She is always getting the wrong end of the stick at all their fancy dress parties (and they have alot). On one memorable occasion, at a Eurovision party, she thought it was a Eurotunnel party and came dressed as a train. Awkward.

And Charles - he's given Australia to rule for a day for practice (from a cardboard throne made by Harry and William perhaps). Every Christmas he makes a speech which they record on DVD, pop into into the machine and never tell him it's not broadcast.

Apparently the DofE is planning to publish his diaries, however he's having problems getting it past the lawyers.

A lovely way to pass an afternoon and a treat to follow her on Twitter.

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