Thursday, July 3, 2014

Series-ously Good New Mysteries: July Edition

Happy Summer, everyone! Need some cozies to throw in the beach bag this month to connect you to your favorite mystery series? Here you go...

Cookies and Scream by Virginia Lowell is the fifth Cookie Cutter shop Mystery following One Dead Cookie. Olivia Greyson is the proud owner of The Gingerbread House - a quaint shop that specializes in all things cookie. She and her best friend, Maddie bake up delicious treats for their cookie-themed parties. This time out an antique cookie cutter collection leads to murder and the two friends find things getting a little hot.

Leslie Budewitz is releasing the second title in her Food Lover's Village mystery this month, Crime Rib. It follows Death Al Dente. Food Preneurs, one of the hottest cooking show on TV, has decided to feature the town of Jewel Bay in an upcoming feature. This is good news for Erin at the Glacier Mercantile. But, when one of the contending cooks is found dead, Erin has to figure out who had the motive to bump off the saucy contestant before the town's reputation goes up in flames on national TV.

Some Enchanted Eclair by Bailey Cates is the fourth title in the Magical Bakery mystery series following Charms and Chocolate Chips. Hollywood has invaded Savannah's historic district to film a Revolutionary War movie. Magical baker, Katie Lightfoot and her witches' coven take a break to snag parts as movie extras. The Honeybee Bakery is also providing food to keep the hungry film crew happy. When someone murders the crew's "fixer", Katie and her coven step in to solve the murder.

Betty Hechtman is publishing her second title, Silence of the Lamb's Wool in the Yarn Retreat mystery series this month. It follows Yarn to Go. Dessert chef Casey Feldstein has learned the knitting business, and now she is hosting a new retreat called "From Sheep to Shawl".  Participants will learn about sheep, shearing, carding the wool, spinning and will eventually knit a lovely shawl. Then, new teacher, Nicole Welton, who is hired to teach the fleece-to-fibre portion of the retreat, fails to show up. She is found lying dead on the boardwalk and it is up to Casey to figure out who killed her before someone else dies.

Vision in Velvet by Juliet Blackwell is the sixth title in the Witchcraft Mystery series, following Tarnished and Torn. Lily Ivory is the owner of a popular vintage clothing store in San Francisco. She is also a witch who can sense vibrations from the past in vintage clothing.When Lily tries on a mysterious velvet cloak, she sees awful visions from the past. Then the antiques dealer who sold her the cape is killed and her familiar, Oscar the pot-bellied pit disappears. Lily suspects a supernatural force and has to battle a powerful witch from the past to solve the murder and get her familiar back.

Merry Wynter is back this month in the second installment of the Merry Muffin mystery series with Muffin but Murder. This follows Bran New Death. Merry hopes to find a buyer for the castle she recently inherited. She throws a party to draw interest in the castle and invites friends old and new. Everyone has a blast, but when they have all left, Merry finds one party goer who won't be leaving. Now Merry must hurry to find a killer before her perfect plans are completely ruined.

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