Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Genealogy Mysteries

I have been an avid reader of the mystery genre. My favourites are cozies and historical mysteries, featuring amateur detectives in modern and historical times.

With my first experience researching customer’s family roots at the library, I felt so good in assisting to solve a genealogical "mystery". It inspired me to discover several mystery series that star professional genealogists as detectives:

Torie O’Shea Mystery series by Rett MacPherson. MacPherson is passionate about genealogy and her mystery series reflects that. In the charming cozy mysteries, genealogist Torie O'Shea always “seems to be right in the middle of it all in the goings-on in New Kassel, Missouri”.

Natasha Blake Ancestor Detective Mystery series by Fiona Mountain. This series features an intelligent and spunky genealogist who is also a sleuth in the Cotswold Hills, England.

Family Tree Mystery series by Patricia Houck Sprinkle. Katherine Murray, a bored housewife, finds excitement in an unexpected place when she investigates memorabilia belonging to families in the past.

Family History Mystery series by Brynn Bonner. Genealogist Sophreena McClure and her business partner and medium Esme Sabatier have learned that “every family has a black sheep— sometimes a whole flock of them”.

Suzie Fewings Mystery series by Fay Sampson. Suzie Loosemore Fewings, a keen family genealogist and "a married mother of two, becomes immersed in murder mysteries of past and present with devastating consequences for her family".

Lottie Albright Mystery series by Charlotte Hinger features Lottie Albright, a local historian and under sheriff in a small town in Western Kansas.

Nigel Barnes mystery series by Dan Waddell. "Scotland Yard recruits genealogist Nigel Barnes to assist in solving a grisly series of murders".

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