Monday, May 12, 2014

What's New in Urban Fiction?

Blood, Sweat and Payback by Wahida Clark

"From New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark, comes the highly anticipated next installment in the Queen’s Payback series. Fans will rush to this latest installment while new fans will be eager to discover Wahida Clark’s unmatched melodrama. Someone wants every member of the consortium dead and they’ll stop at nothing to make that happen. Meanwhile Shan has transferred back into Redbone and has taken it to a whole new level. Nick suspects Shan is still in love with Briggen even though she is with him. Janay has turned over a new lease on life but her ties to Crystal are always a challenge. Everyone is gunning for Dark and with The List in the hands of Cisco’s wife, Joy, Dark’s chances of taking over Detroit are threatened more than ever before. Everyone is fueled by fire and seeking the ultimate revenge." publisher

Ericka Kane by Kiki Swinson

"Ericka Kane is the only child of a multi-millionaire with ties to some very powerful men from his native country, Nigeria. Ericka never knew exactly how her father made his riches, except through various investment deals, but that would all change after her best friend Tia Cassidy comes up missing. While the local cops form a search team to find the whereabouts of Ericka’s best friend Tia, Ericka forms her own search. In the middle of Ericka’s own investigative work, she will uncover some shocking information about her father Eric and her loyalty to him will be tested. But after everything blows up in her face, her father’s loyalty won’t matter to either of them. The question that remains is, will Tia ever be found—dead or alive?" publisher

Swag: a novel by Angel Santos

" SWAG! Can a diva dripping with sex appeal, devious ambition, and serious Swag gain the trust of a top crime boss? Undercover officer Jazmine Coleman believes it is all she needs to infiltrate one of the city s most notorious hustlers, Love. With traps set in place, Jazmine pulls Love s right hand man, Thump into the mix, causing a deadly, yet twisted love triangle. Even with the cops on his trail, Love has his fingerprints on everything in the city, including the mayor that he helps get elected. All is still going according to plan until a New Jack named Swag steps on the scene with the same determination as Jazmine to knock Love from the top spot. Which of the two will be successful? In the world of treachery, lust and corruption, the one with the power has the most Swag!" publisher

The Glamorous Life 2: all that glitters isn't gold by Nikki Turner

"Calliope learned at a very early age that if she wanted to survive in this world then she needed to stand on her own.  When she and her younger brother are abandoned by their mother, Calliope steps up to the plate and takes care of them both, but really all she really wants is to feel safe and to have a place that she and her brother can call their own.  But life takes her down paths she never dreamed and danger always seems to be a hairs breadth away.  At her darkest hour, she meets Lynx and her life will never be the same. Lynx has been released from prison and it should be a fresh start for him and Bambi.  But Lynx has discovered an insatiable appetite, for gambling, that threatens to bring both of them to ruin.  When he meets Calliope, everything takes a dramatic new twist that will leave everyone reeling." publisher of an american gangstress part 2Rise of an American Gangstress. Part 2 by Kim K.

" After being stripped from her privileged princess lifestyle, Fancy Lane has taken to the underworld of drug dealing with vengeance. She sets her sights on ruling over a crew of hustlers to build the illicit empire she feels is her birthright. With her man by her side and her mother serving as her advisor, she's undeterred by the violence and opposition. With her boss lady mentality, she forges ahead on her mission to become a powerful, respected American Gangstress. But somebody is watching, and they're hell-bent on ensuring that Fancy's rise will be stifled and short-lived." publisher

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