Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Maureens write about Policewomen

A Question of Despair (M)
by Maureen Carter

"When a baby is snatched from outside a Birmingham newsagent's shop, "Ice Queen" DI Sarah Quinn and feisty TV reporter Caroline King clash head-on in the desperate search to find her. Quinn's cool investigative methods contrast with those of the fiery King, who'll stop at nothing in pursuit of a good story. But as the investigation stonewalls, it soon becomes clear that the two enemies will have to work together if the police are to have any chance of success."--NoveLis

Does Your Mother Know? (M)
by Maureen Jennings

"Christine Morris has been sent to Edinburgh to attend a conference on the latest in police methodology. There she is tracked down by the Northern Constabulary, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides, who inform her that her estranged mother has been involved in a vehicular homicide and has gone missing. Reluctantly, Christine agrees to fly up to Stornoway, where her mother was last seen. Her arrival is followed by the suspicious death of one of the islanders. What unfolds is a deepening involvement in the life of the community, an unexpected reconnection with her mother, and a nefarious plot against one of the young princes, who is planning a visit to the island. Set against the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape and a people who are fiercely proud of their traditional way of life, Does Your Mother Know? races along to a galloping finish in this complex tale of suspense."  -Publisher

Where There's Fire (M)
by Maureen McKade

"Shattered by her mother's death -- and the fact that the killer got off scot-free -- Detective Shoni Alexander is prepared to take the law into her own hands. Nothing will get in her way. Not her badge, not her big arson investigation, and definitely not the mysterious witness who seems to see right through her." - publisher

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