Sunday, January 5, 2014

Six Novels That Sing

All for a Song : a novel (M)
by Allison Pittman"In Pittman's latest historical tale of young women of faith, everything seems to be falling into place for Dorothy Lynn Dunbar as romance blossoms between her and the man who is to assume the role of pastor following her father's death. As she contemplates the life that seems to be perfectly mapped out before her, she is troubled by the small inkling that she might be missing out on something. It is during a trip to St. Louis that Dorothy Lynn finds herself facing all that life might hold for her when she is forced to make decisions that will forever alter her future. By alternating perspectives between the young Dorothy Lynn of the Roaring Twenties and the now-centenarian Lynnie more than 90 years later, Pittman skillfully paints the complete picture of this bold female character who is willing to take risks in order to discover the life that she truly is meant to live. Readers of inspirational fiction will be stirred as this story of longing unfolds, revealing testimony to true contentment." - Booklist

Personality (M)
by Andrew O'Hagan "Growing up on the Scottish island of Bute, Maria Tambini is a young girl with dreams of escape from her Italian immigrant family. When her amazing voice wins her a talent show at the tender age of thirteen, she is whisked off to London and instant stardom in the entertainment industry. But even as Maria is celebrating her greatest success, she is waging a hidden battle against her own body, and becoming in the process a living exhibit in the modern drama of celebrity. Can she be saved by love? Or will she be consumed by an obsessive celebrity culture, family lies, and by her number-one fan? Based closely on the life story of a famous singer, this stunning novel is at once a rich portrait of an immigrant community and a tragic tale of the hidden costs of celebrity." - publisher

The Choir Director (M)
by Carl Weber"When the popular choir director of First Jamaican Ministries, the biggest church in Queens, New York, is presented a Man of the Year award, his wife announces to the congregation that he is gay, forcing him out of the closet and out of the church. Demoralized by their director's double life, the choir dwindles to only a handful of members. Bishop T. K. Wilson, determined to find a choir director who can make his choir great again (and his church famous), offers the position, along with a great salary and nice car, to Aaron Mackie, who has the voice of an angel, the looks of a cover model, and the charisma of a Kennedy. However, unbeknownst to Bishop Wilson, Aaron, whose angelic voice belies his devilish behavior, has been driven from his last position by a gun-toting minister who found Aaron with his wife, in the Biblical sense. Faith, hope, and fornication constitute the theme of this lusty tale as Weber's sex-driven choir director meets the hormonally active ladies of the First Jamaican Church" - Booklist

Falling into Grace (M)
by Michelle Stimpson"Camille Robertson had her fifteen minutes of fame in the late '90s with the sexy R&B girl group Sweet Treats. Now she works as a telemarketer and longs for the past. With her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Camille is determined to break back into the music industry. But her new agent says her only chance is to reinvent herself--as a gospel singer. So Camille joins the nearest mega church, headed by handsome worship leader, Ronald Shepherd. She quickly wows the choir and orchestrates a plan to secretly record herself and make a demo. But when she and Ronald sing a duet together, it ignites a spark for them both--and leaves Camille conflicted. Camille is grateful for the relationship developing with Robert, but she's not willing to let go of her dream--even if it means using him to get there. Before long, Camille finds herself betraying the people she cares about most. Can she have love, forgiveness, faith--and fame?"--Publisher.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (M)
by Charles Dickens novel is named after Edwin Drood, but it mostly tells the story of his uncle, a choirmaster named John Jasper, who is in love with his pupil, Rosa Bud. Miss Bud is Drood's fiancée and has also caught the eye of the high-spirited and hot-tempered Neville Landless, who comes from Ceylon with his twin sister, Helena. Neville Landless and Drood take a dislike to one another the moment they meet. Drood later disappears under mysterious circumstances. Dickens died before he could finish the mystery.

Murder for Choir (M)
by Joelle Charbonneau"Even as a struggling opera singer, Paige Marshall has never seen anything like the cutthroat competition of the Prospect Glen High School show choir. As their new coach, she's getting an icy reception from championship-hungry students who doubt she can take them to a first-place victory. Toughing this gig out may prove harder than scoring her first big break...Especially now that her best young male singer is suspected of killing the arrogant coach of Prospect Glen's fiercest rival choir. For Paige to clear his name, she'll have to sort though a chorus of suspects-and go note for note with a killer who'll do anything to knock her out of the spotlight for good..." - publisher

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