Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Love with a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche, and other tales of Adventure Travel

For some, the uncertainty of adventure travel holds great appeal. Despite the discomfort, stress and hardship that might be encountered, these intrepid travelers thrive on the thrill of the unexpected, the excitement of being the first and the only, and the joy of meeting fellow adventurers. For those amongst us who are less likely to sacrifice personal safety and comfort, we can share in the adventure with this selection of great travel writing.

Love with a Chance of Drowning: a memoir (M) by Torre DeRoche is a real life romantic adventure told with humour and an engaging self-deprecating style. Deroche has a chance meeting and instantly falls for an Argentinean seafarer. Despite her own fear of deep waters, she throws caution to the wind and joins him on his ocean adventure.

Back on dry land Hidden Cities: travels to the secret corners of the world's great metropolises: a memoir of urban exploration (M) by Moses Gates takes you to parts of the city environment that normally is inaccessible. Abandoned subways, canals, sewers and rooftops offer a view into our world that few are able to see. The more he discovered the greater his curiosity grew propelling him toward riskier adventures.
I Married a Travel Junkie (M) by Samuel Jay Keyser relates the story of what happens when a reluctant traveler pairs up with an adventure junkie. In the case of Keyser and his wife Nancy, Keyser, who had envisioned his life playing out quietly on his farm, finds himself galloping around the globe encountering one exotic and dangerous creature after another. Self-effacing and direct, Keyser follows his wife's lead while learning about himself as a traveler and as a part of a couple.

It's one thing to have adventuresome travel alone or as a couple, but Joe "Metal Cowboy" Kurmaskie embarks on a family vacation to beat all family vacations in Mud, Sweat and Gears: a rowdy family bike adventure across Canada on seven wheels (M). Two adults, three children (including a one year old) spend a summer biking across Canada.

I think it is safe to say that most of us would choose our conveyances based on how safe, comfortable and convenient they are. Not Carl Hoffman. In The Lunatic Express: discovering the world - via its most dangerous buses, boats, trains and plane (M), Hoffman seeks out the most dangerous forms of transportation in the poorest and most overcrowded cities while meeting up with fellow travelers who are never likely to know the convenience and comfort of western travel. 

Acquired Tastes: on the trail of the world's most sought after delicacies (M) was written by professor of food science who is often compared to Indiana Jones. Massimo Marcone travels the world to learn about what people eat and why. Focusing on food that probably would not meet Canadian safety standards (rotten shark meat and tea made from larvae droppings) and also includes a Newfoundland delicacy - seal flipper pie.

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