Friday, September 13, 2013

Bad Luck Happens

Have a safe and happy Friday the 13th!

Accidents Happen (M)
by Louise Millar

"How many times, when things go wrong, have you said to yourself "Why me?" Some people seem to have more than their fair share of bad luck, and Kate Parker is one of them. So when Kate and her 10-year-old son Jack move to Oxford to start a new life, Kate is determined that events of the past will not come back to haunt them. Despite the suffocating support she receives from her overbearing in-laws, she starts to feel threatened. Somehow her comfortable family home doesn't feel quite safe - it's almost as though someone is watching them."

The Prince of Ill Luck (M)
by Susan Dexter

Leith had been born under a curse, but when he found Valadan, a fabulous black stallion, he thought his luck and his life were about to change. He was only partly right. He wins the hand of a maiden who she doesn't want to be won. The maiden claims her missing mother is a witch and wants to look for her, not marry. And with Leith's help, she can. Perhaps when they finally find her, he can get rid of this curse. . . once and for all!

The Trail West (M)
by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone.

In 1848, Dooley Monahan, son of struggling Iowa pioneers, went off to pick up a new milk cow. Young Dooley never came home. Now, nearly three decades later, Dooley Monahan has become an accidental legend, managing to plant a bullet in the chest of a dangerous outlaw. All Dooley really wants is to claim his reward at a bank in Phoenix and make his way North to a gold strike he read about in a newspaper. But fate has other plans. It starts with a family slaughtered by Apaches, a dog smarter than most humans Dooley knows, a girl with a wounded soul, and the blood hungry brothers of the outlaw Dooley killed who will not give up their pursuit until they've avenged his death. The farther Dooley tries to head North, destiny pushes him West. His trail is populated by strange friends and dangerous enemies, strewn with bad luck and bad blood--and frequently interrupted by sudden storms of gunfire."

Worst Week: the complete series (DVD) (M)

"Worst Week is an outrageous comedy series about a guy, a girl, her parents and a side-splitting assortment of catastrophes. Sam and Melanie are engaged with a baby on the way - so winning over her parents is job #1 for Sam. Stern judge Dick and overprotective Angela are willing to give this well-meaning young man the benefit of the doubt, but something utterly disastrous happens every time they get together. That won't stop Sam from trying though and, with supportive Melanie doing damage control, he'll just keep jumping back into the fray, hoping to charm his way into the good graces of his future in-laws. Each time he tries though the mishaps get crazier. Based on the acclaimed British sitcom The Worst Week of My Life, this madcap comedy from one of the twisted minds that brought you Scrubs boldly goes where no family misadventure has gone before."

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