Monday, January 21, 2013

Books to Read Before the Film is Released

2013 is shaping up to be a banner year for major motion pictures based on books.  Here are but a few of the forthcoming releases:

Parker (M) based on the series written by Donald Westlake under his pseudonym Richard Stark. The book series is about a murderous thief who still tries to maintain a moral code. Starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. Release date January 25th.

Warm Bodies (M) based on the book by Issac Marion. R is not your typical zombie. He has a dream and falls in love with a human. As a result of this, the whole zombie/human world may change. Starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer. Release date February 1st.

Beautiful Creatures (M) based on the series by Kami Garcia. Spinning off from the young adult series Twilight, this series and movie take on a supernatural love story set in a small town. Ethan falls in love magical Lena, who must decide whether she will use her powers for good or evil. Starring Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert. Release date February 13th.

Safe Haven (M) based on that perpetual favorite author Nicholas Sparks. Mysterious Katie moves to a small town to start a new life. She tries to keep to herself until she meets Alex, a widower with two small children. Just in time for a Valentine's date with the release date of February 14th.

Admission (M) by Jean Hanff Korelitz is about a Princeton University admissions officer who is challenged when she meets a promising student who doesn't quite measure up to the university's standards. Starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Release date March 13th.

Carrie (2013) (M) is a second adaptation of Stephen King's novel. A sheltered high school girl named Carrie gets bullied which results in her using her telekinetic powers to explosive results. The first movie starred Sissy Spacek so I am interested to see how Chloe Moretz will do in the title role. Release date March 15th

The Host (M) is the latest Stephenie Meyer's novel to be made into film. Less supernatural than science fiction, this features an alien race called Souls who take over the Earth. One woman refuses to allow her body to become a host, creating an internal power struggle. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Diane Kruger. Release date March 29th.

The Great Gatsby (M) by F. Scott Fitzgerald is another remake of a famous book and movie. In the 1920's, newly wealthy Jay Gatsby parties, fall in love and creates scandals on the glamorous islands of East and West Egg. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (in the role Robert Redford played) and Carey Mulligan. Release date April 5th.

The Company You Keep (M) by Neil Gordon is directed by Robert Redford, so I guess he is still in the movie industry all these years later. Former sixties Weather Underground radical activist Jay Sinai left that life and took on a new identity. A newspaper reporter discovers him while investigating a 1974 robbery that went wrong, thus forcing Sinai to go on the run once again. Starring Shia LaBeauf, Anna Kendrick, Susan Sarandon and Terrance Howard Release date April 5th.

World War Z (M) is the movie I am most looking forward to seeing. Based on the best-selling book by Max Brooks it continues the zombie trend that seems to be taking over from the vampires. It is set in the years following the great zombie war, it details the battle and the results. Starring Brad Pitt. Release date June 21st.

Paranoia (M) is based on the novel by Joseph Finder. What is the price of success? Adam Cassidy is about to find out after a prank at work goes right? Or is it wrong? As a result of the prank he not fired but promoted. He is then asked to betray everyone and everything he cares about. Is he willing to continue to pay the price and is it worth it? Starring Liam Hensworth, Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford and Richard Dreyfuss. Release date June 21st.

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