Saturday, October 27, 2012

Staff Pick - Wicked series by Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is a common name to many avid readers. Even more so since the release of the film One for The Money, which is based on the first book in her Plum series (M). I read this book before watching the movie, as I find that a book is usually better than the film, and this was no exception.

I wanted to see if Evanovich had written anything else that was not part of the Plum series and came across Wicked Appetite (M). From first glance (yes, at the cover), I was imagining vampires, but was surprised to find witches and magic too! This did not dissuade me as I enjoy the paranormal and normal alike, and I dove in.

I devoured the book in just three days and promptly sought out the second in the Wicked series, Wicked Business (M). This book follows the same two main characters, Lizzy and Desiel and their posse of friends and seeking helpers.

The books are fast paced and an easy read if you need a break from other dense material. I enjoyed the storyline and the little twists and turns to keep me entertained on the edge of my seat. The search for the stones sends the characters off into the depths of caves, visiting graves and museums, and even takes time for a cupcake or two.

~ Doreen

by Kelley Armstrong

by Candace Havens

by Charlaine Harris

by Mindy L. Klasky

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