Monday, May 28, 2012

Profile - Sherrif Walt Longmire

Mystery author Craig Johnson first introduced the character of Sherrif Walt Longmire in his 2005 novel Cold Dish (M), which Booklist described as a "literary mystery". Johnson is now up to book number eight, As the Crow Flies (M), of this very popular series. The television rights have just been picked up by A&E for a new tv series, Longmire which will debut on June 3rd.

Walt Longmire is described as kind, principled and tenacious, all great qualities for a lawman. He is also surrounded by a interesting cast of supporting characters, such as close friend Henry Standing Bear and Deputy Victoria Moretti, a tough as nails beauty from Philadelphia. One reviewer stated that Johnson "writes about interesting people in interesting places". Johnson has said that he feels a key element of the series' success is that his characters continue to change and grow with each novel. The landscapes of Wyoming and similar locales are also quite front and center, coming alive with Johnson's first hand knowledge and his eye for detail in his home state.

Johnson's writing is compelling and gritty, with a deft touch for details and character nuance. His storylines are gripping, with a slipperiness that keep readers unsure of where things are headed. As an indication of the quality of this series, all eight titles have received a starred review from either Booklist, Kirkus Reviews or Publisher's Weekly. Dark Horse (M), the fifth series entry garnered starred reviews from all three publications.

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