Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stanzas in the Stacks

Ever wonder what it’s like to be in the library after it closes? Halifax Poet Laureate Tanya Davis did, and she approached the Spring Garden Road Library with a program idea that would settle her curiosity. The result is Stanzas in the Stacks: Poetry in the Library After Dark.

This Friday, January 20, the Spring Garden branch will be open from 8-10 p.m. for a special program that will feature poetry readings, books of poetry, magnetic poetry and hot cider by lamplight. Curated by Davis, the event will feature readings in various locations throughout the library by local poets. There will be cozy reading areas set up through the branch, with chairs and blankets where one can read from poetry books on display, either out loud to anyone who wants to listen, or quietly, to oneself.

The idea for having the program after the library was closed hearkens back to Davis’ school days. She recalls the feeling of going to school at night to participate in concerts and how the building felt so very different at night.

Tanya Davis was named Halifax’s Poet Laureate in April 2011. Her short film At First Lonely, has had nearly 4 million views on YouTube. Her first book of poetry (M) by the same title was released in June of this year.

Who are some of your favourite poets? What will you chose to read out loud?

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  1. The original post contained an error, which has now been corrected but which may have been shared through other web sources. Please note that FRIDAY JANUARY 20TH is the correct date for this program.