Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting into the Holiday Spirit - Christmas Fiction

Ho Ho Ho. It is December, a time of year that many of us consider to be the start of the Christmas season. It is also a time when many readers consider reading a holiday themed novel.

Maybe something warm and cozy like The Christmas Cookie Club (M) by Ann Pearlman. Or maybe something mysterious like Christmas Mourning (M) by Margaret Maron. Or perhaps something more modern and twisted, such as Undead and Unreturnable (M) by MaryJanice Davidson.

There are lots of enjoyable stories from which to choose. Checkout our holiday reading lists for a sack full of holiday reading suggestions:

Christmas Fiction 2011 (M)

Holiday Reading 2010 (M)

Christmas Mysteries 2010 (M)

Holiday Cheer 2009 (M)

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