Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Accidental Adventures

The holidays are a time when every one seems busy, whether because of celebrations, or the hectic pace that comes through the end of the year's approach. During the holiday season, even more so than at other times of the year, I feel like I'm constantly planning: planning meals, planning gifts, planning visits, etc. etc. While we're doing all that planning however, I think it's easy to lose sight that many of life's most memorable events—the ones we look back on and marvel or reminisce about—happen by mistake or aren't planned at all. That's the case with each of these memoirs, looking back on events that happened by surprise.

Planning getting you down? Why not dip into one of these accidental adventures?

Last Trout in Venice : the far-flung escapades of an accidental adventurer (M)
by Doug Lansky.

Roll Around Heaven : an all-true accidental spiritual adventure (M)
by Jessica Maxwell.

The Accidental Connoisseur : an irreverent journey though the wine world (M)
by Lawrence Osborne.

Working Stiff : the misadventures of an accidental sexpert (M)
by Grant Stoddard.

Running the Books : the adventures of an accidental prison librarian (M)
by Avi Steinberg.

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