Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reader's Pick - The Day of the Jackal, by Frederick Forsyth

I recently asked my well read friend Roger what he thought was best written thriller of all time. Without any hesitation at all, he confidently nominated the 1971 political thriller, The Day of the Jackal, by Frederick Forsyth.

I haven't read it myself, but when I researched the title in NoveList, the book seemed a perfect fit for Roger, who loves stories awash in intricate details and complex storylines.

Here is what Booklist had to say:
"A detailed account of the meticulous plans for assassination of a political figure and the equally meticulous search for the assassin when the authorities are alerted to the fact that a very special assassination plan is underway. The political figure is DeGaulle; the time, shortly after the withdrawal of France from Algeria; the instigators, the dissident French OAS; the assassin, an Englishman, master marksman and master at change of identity; and the chief counteragent, an unassuming little police detective called in by the French security. Starting slowly, the narrative builds to breathtaking suspense." (September 15, 1971)

For a similar thrilling reading experience, consider these authors:
Jeffrey Archer
Nelson DeMille
Ken Follett
Richard North Patterson

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