Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey batter batter, swing, batter!

I’m a baseball fan, always have been. But, I have to admit, reading about baseball hasn’t really appealed to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl but, I don’t want to read about baseball players, batting statistics or how to pitch properly. Really, if I’m going to read about baseball, I want something with a bit of history, or perhaps something more in story form. So, I began to dig around our library and boy, do we have some interesting books on baseball!

The first book I found is Playing America’s game: baseball, Latinos, and the color line. This definitely sounds interesting. This book explores the Latino side of baseball. While there has always been a significant presence of Latinos in baseball from the beginning, their history has been largely ignored. The author, Adrian Burgos Jr. “tells a compelling story of the men who negotiated the color line at every turn – passing as ‘Spanish’ in the major leagues or seeking respect and acceptance in the Negro leagues”. (Quote taken from back cover)

Another relatively new publication that really caught my attention is Haunted baseball: ghosts, curses, legends and eerie events. How interesting does that sound? Published in 2007, Mickey Bradley and Dan Gordon have collected haunting stories from baseball players, stadium personnel, umpires, front-office folks and fans. Learn, among other things, about Roberto Clemente’s premonition of his own death in a plane crash and of the hidden passageways within the depths of Dodger Stadium.

Finally, I found Six good innings: how one small town became a little league giant. Written by Mark Kreidler, this true story explores the small town of Toms River and the dedicated coach who inspires young athletes while attempting to strike a balance between healthy competition and bloodless ambition.

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